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CHI Workshop: HCI Goes to the Zoo

posted 22 Nov 2015, 21:57 by Sarah Webber   [ updated 22 Nov 2015, 21:59 ]

CHI Workshop notifications have been issued. Our workshop HCI goes to the Zoo has been conditionally accepted!

We invite submissions from those who wish to present (please submit a 4-page position paper) or attend (please submit a 200-word bio) this workshop which aims to bring together researchers from HCI, zoos and animal welfare science investigating the design of technology for zoos and wildlife-based experiences.

Technology is already impacting the relationship between animals and humans, and the consequences of this relationship change for the welfare of captive animals, for the role of zoos in contemporary society and the relationship between humans, technology and the environment need to be further interrogated. The zoo, as an intersection of these actors, presents an ideal opportunity for interrogating these issues further, and a CHI workshop will provide the ideal context. For more information, see CHI 2016 Workshop.